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Phantom Limb Pain Specialist

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Gil Maddox, MD

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Phantom limb pain causes discomfort from an amputated body part. While the exact cause of phantom limb is not yet clear, pain management expert Gil Maddox, MD offers several innovative treatments to help improve your pain. You can schedule your evaluation at Maddox Pain Management in Anniston, Alabama, either by using the online scheduling system or by calling the clinic.

Phantom Limb Pain Q & A

Why do I have phantom limb pain?

After a limb is amputated, you may occasionally experience phantom pain, even though the limb is no longer there. While this syndrome was originally believed to be a psychological issue, medical experts now understand that the sensations are real and they originate from your central nervous system.

Most cases of phantom limb pain affect men and women who have an arm or leg amputated. However, you may also experience phantom limb pain after you have your breast, tongue, eye, or other body part removed.

What does phantom limb pain feel like?

Phantom limb pain can start shortly after your amputation, or after an extended period has passed. You may feel burning, throbbing, stabbing, or squeezing pain in a limb that isn’t there.

Severe phantom limb pain most commonly occurs in limbs farthest away from your body, such as your hands or feet, although you can certainly experience it anywhere.

Some phantom limb pain sufferers describe a sensation of the amputated limb being forced into an uncomfortable position. Your condition can even worsen with emotional stress. Pain can come and go, or it can be continuous.

Some men and women experience phantom limb sensations, even if they’re not painful. You may need treatment if it’s causing cold or warm sensations, or itchiness or tingling.

How is phantom limb pain treated?

For some phantom limb sufferers, pain resolves on its own over time, and they don’t require need treatment. Other times though, pain becomes so debilitating, finding a solution is essential to improving quality of life.

One of the best ways to treat phantom limb pain is through spinal cord stimulation (SCS). By implanting a specialized device, SCS intercepts pain signals through gentle electrical stimulation.

If you’re still experiencing pain, Dr. Maddox can prescribe prescription painkillers like Zohydro®, or hydrocodone, or help you find another solution.

Get relief for phantom limb pain by scheduling an exam at Maddox Pain Management. Book through the online scheduling system, or by calling the clinic.